The outdoor areas allow for enjoyment of the sunny weather, whether one is dining al fresco, preparing a meal on the barbecue, enjoying an open-air shower, or simply relaxing in the sun.

This section was designed to blend utility with leisure. It features a dining area with benches, chairs, and a large table, creating an environment suited for meals, relaxation, or social gatherings. The expansive garden and the layout of the terraces provide ample opportunity for sunbathing.

For culinary activities, there is a barbecue station with a sink, facilitating outdoor cooking and food preparation. This area has a direct connection to the kitchen of the house.

This area includes an outdoor hot shower. Enclosed by a curved white wall that affords privacy, it still opens to the sky, inviting a connection with nature through a refreshing, open-air experience.


Although it is still under intense development, we are planting our vegetable garden, which already counts with a wide variety of aromatic herbs (parsley, mint, etc.) as well as spinach, celery, and cabbage.

Depending on the time of the year and availability, we might be able to offer you our organically grown products!


The property has direct access to the beach below with a beautiful staircase carved on the mountainside. The stairs are decorated with stones and shells from the beach, and lovely maritime ropes and fences make up the way down.

No need for a car, just walk down and find a perfect beach that is very exclusive, as the other way to access it's a 25-minute walk from the nearest village