The Casa dos Cogumelos, also known in English as the "Mushroom House", is gracefully situated in the tranquil locale of Murtinheira, between the villages of Quiaios and Buarcos, Figueira da Foz, Portugal, offering its visitors an oasis of tranquility and harmony.

Positioned directly facing the sea, the property showcases a breathtaking landscape that spans both the expansive sea and the majestic Serra da Boa Viagem. This haven also ensures exclusive and private access to the Murtinheira beach, heightening the serene experience for its guests.

Built in the 1960s, this beachside residence has borne witness to innumerable sunrises and sunsets, serving as the keeper of stories, laughter, and cherished memories spanning generations.

Inspired Architecture: Influenced by the traditional houses of the former Portuguese Guinea in Africa, the Casa dos Cogumelos reflects a synthesis of cultural harmony and architectural artistry. Its distinct character and design philosophy shines through in every detail.

A Tapestry of Memories: Having become a part of our family legacy in the 1970s, the Casa dos Cogumelos has been the setting for decades of family gatherings, festive celebrations, weddings, and countless moments of joy and reflection. The walls of this cherished dwelling resonate with the history of a lineage that deeply values unity and shared memories.

Behind the Name: "Casa dos Cogumelos" or "Mushroom House" is more than just a name; it symbolizes an essence. In the way a mushroom provides shelter and sustenance, the Casa dos Cogumelos has been a pillar of support and a sanctuary of solace for our family over the years. Encompassing this ethos, the house features six unique, interconnected 'mushrooms' — each with its distinct function and identity. Reflective of their individuality, they've been christened with names that resonate with their unique personalities, colors, styles, and the symbolic roles they play within our home. Each space is an embodiment of the character it represents, crafting a narrative that weaves through the very fabric of the house.

Discover this Legacy: Delve into the rich architectural tapestry of the Casa dos Cogumelos. Every corner, nook, and stone within its bounds has a precious story waiting to unfold.

The Living Room with Seaside and a Fireplace Lounge

Welcome to our Living Room, inspired by the "Clavulinopsis sulcata" Mushroom, also known as the "Orange Coral" suite. Coastal comfort meets the endless horizon here. A grand window opens to a balcony where the pristine white sofa provides unrivaled ocean views. Enjoy the golden serenity of sunsets that unfold right before you. Maritime accents and a sturdy wooden coffee table enhance the room's peaceful, oceanic vibe.

The "Clavulinopsis sulcata" Mushroom

You can also step into this intimate living space, centered around a charming stone fireplace, inviting you to unwind with the soothing crackle of a fire. This room features a plush armchair and a rustic wooden chest that doubles as a side table. This room is ideal for tranquil evenings and heartfelt conversations.

Discover our Serene Bedrooms

Indigo Milk Bedroom

Amanita Bedroom

The "Amanita" mushroom has a captivating and serene room, drawing inspiration from the mystical Amanita Aura mushroom. It combines the allure of the sea with the whimsical charm of nature.

Upon entering, you are greeted by two beds, each positioned in front of a window that frames a stunning view of the sea. This window bathes the room in natural light and provides a mesmerizing, ever-changing seascape that adds a sense of tranquility and depth to the space.

Chanterelle Bedroom

The "Chanterelle" mushroom includes a peaceful bedroom, inspired by the elegant Chanterelle mushroom. It blends the beauty of nature with a cozy, inviting ambiance.

As you step inside, two comfortable beds welcome you. It has a window offering a view of the garden. This window allows natural light to fill the space, highlighting the soft, earthy tones of the room and providing a tranquil garden vista that soothes the mind and spirit.

The "Indigo Milk" Mushroom has a serene bedroom, inspired by the vibrant Indigo Milk Cap mushroom. Descending a small spiral staircase, you find two beds adorned in deep indigo and soft white, reflecting the mushroom's striking colors.

A large window, thoughtfully situated, offers an unobstructed panorama of the sea, immersing the room in natural light and creating a tranquil, restorative ambiance.

Inviting Kitchen

Lion's Male Mushroom

The kitchen has modern appliances for gastronomic explorations. A state-of-the-art SMEG refrigerator provides space for fresh ingredients. The sleek oven is ready to bake, and roast, while the built-in microwave above ensures convenience for quick, efficient cooking. With these tools at hand, the kitchen becomes an epicurean's playground for creating nourishing, delicious meals.

Welcome to the "Lion's Mane" Mushroom which was built to include a space for the kitchen and enrich both culinary experiences and holistic health (much like the rejuvenating essence attributed to the Lion's Mane). Centrally positioned, a sleek glass table invites communal dining. Dual doors open to the garden, establishing a seamless flow to nature, while a window affords a picturesque seascape, infusing the space with natural light.

The Bathrooms

"Flowerpot Parasol" Mushroom

Additionally, each bathroom features a small window, inviting natural light.

Both bathrooms have additional small windows connecting with the exterior to provide natural light while maintaining the intimate atmosphere of your personal retreat.

The "Flowerpot Parasol" Mushroom has two bathrooms occupying a space where simplicity and functionality meet. Both bathrooms are fitted with showers. One shower offers a spacious glass enclosure complemented by a large window that frames a view of the outdoors. The large window was designed for privacy, allowing a clear view from the inside out but not from the outside.


The property has direct access to the beach, facilitated by a beautifully carved staircase on the mountainside. Adorned with stones and shells collected from the beach, the steps are complemented by charming maritime ropes and fences, guiding the way down.

There is no need for a car. Descend the stairs to discover a beautiful beach that feels uniquely exclusive. The only other way to reach the beach involves a 25-minute walk from the nearest village.


Find this Paradise

Casa dos Cogumelos, Rua do Farol Novo, 68

3080-514 Murtinheira,

Figueira da Foz, PORTUGAL

...and only 45 min from Coimbra and Aveiro.

Just 2 hours from Lisbon and 1h30 from Porto...